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National Authentication Service


The electronic authentication service aims to verify the digital identity of individuals and companies from the users of the e-government services available on the Internet, in addition to activating the single sign-on feature for electronic services by creating a password and only one user name, where the individual can use his account created on the electronic authentication system To conduct any electronic transactions available by the Government agencies used for the system. Thus, the documentation system is an essential component in facilitating, developing and securing electronic services.

The National e-Authentication Service provides the following features:

  •  Facilitating the linking of government agencies with the service through simplified procedures
  •  Secure the use of electronic services and operations by users
  •  Multi-level authentication (using smart card / password / visitor email or those with short temporary residence)
  •  Single sign-on of the account, which facilitates the customer experience when completing any electronic service or transaction

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