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Tasdeeq portal


Tasdeeq portal is a key initiative taken by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) to provide a Document Security System that enables users to verify documents and authenticate them anytime, anywhere. The System offers a collaborative environment where individuals, government, and private entities interact together through a single one-stop shop to verify and authenticate documents. In addition, it enables users to exchange their information securely through using their credentials on the National Authentication System, and enjoy a high confidentiality level thanks to the encryption feature the enables only authorized parties to view and verify their information.


Tasdeeq enjoys the following benefits:


  • Automating the generation of various official documents
  • Verifying the authenticity of the submitted documents across the ministries, government entities, and private agencies
  • Saving time for the citizens and reducing their number of visits to the Ministry premises to validate documents
  • Curbing the forgery of the official documents
  • Providing secure document archiving and retrieval


The System includes the following features:


  • Personal Identity Verification: Users will only be able to access the required service through using their credentials on the National Authentication System.
  • Data Encryption: To further enhance the security of the document, it will be generated with QR code having encrypted data. Only authorized parties can view and verify the information submitted by users.
  • Digital Signature: Users can use this feature to sign any document or certificate online, which prevents its tampering. If a document is tampered, the digital signature applied to it gets corrupt.